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Here’s our guide to some of what’s on offer in our bar:

Anchor Steam Beer: Brewed in San Francisco since 1896, Anchor Steam has a deep amber colour, with a thick creamy head and rich, distinctive flavour.

With a volume of 4.9%, the beer is brewed using an all-natural process called kräusening, and consists of a blend of pale and caramel malts, fermented with lager yeast at warmer ale temperatures in shallow open-air fermenters.

It gained its name from the original 19th century practice of fermenting the beer on San Francisco’s rooftops in a cool climate – the night air cooling the beer and creating steam off the warm open pans.

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: A perfect accompaniment to a steak dinner, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a unique piney and grapefruit aroma thanks to its use of whole-cone American hops.

Refreshingly bold, the all-natural ale has a volume of 5.6% and uses ale yeast with magnum and perle hops and caramel malt.

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Blue Moon Belgian White: A zesty Belgian white beer first brewed in 1995, using Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness allied to coriander to provide balance.

Add oats and wheat for a smooth, creamy finish that perfectly complements seafood such as grilled shrimp, Asian dishes and marinated chicken dishes.

Alcohol by volume is 5.4%.

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Erdinger Weissbrau: A traditional Bavarian wheat beer with a gently spicy and lively blend of wheat, yeast and mildly bitter hops.

Matured in the bottle in the time-honoured manner, just like Champagne, the beer has a hazy, straw colour and leaves a perfect one-finger head.

Alcohol by volume is 5.6%.

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Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale: Brewdog has become something of a brewing legend in its short life since starting in Scotland in 2007, creating some of the most talked-about beers in the world.

The Vagabond Pale Ale is a gluten free beer that melds citrus and tropical hop flavours with a light caramel malt base, backed up with a raucously resinous bitterness.

With a volume of 4.5%, the ale is brewed using 100% malted barley, American hops, pure Scottish water and a clean-fermenting yeast.

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Flying Dog Easy IPA: Founded in a brewpub in 1990 in Aspen, Colorado, Flying Dog went from strength to strength to become a fully-fledged Denver brewery producing some fine ales.

Their Easy IPA, at 4.7% features aromas of grapefruit and subtle spices melding into lemon and pine hop notes balanced with crisp cracker malt.

A light beer, full of flavour.

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Leffe Brown: An authentic abbey beer dating way back to 1240, originally brewed as a way for the monks in Dinant in the Leffe district of Belgium to avoid the local contaminated water.

No longer brewed by monks, but retaining its deep, dark colour and full, slightly sweet flavour thanks to the use of darkly roasted malt.

According to the brewer, this smooth, creamy beer apparently has the “ability to suspend time”!

We’re not sure about that, but the 6.5% brew does go particularly well with aperitif snacks, cheese, spicy, caramelised or sweet and sour dishes.

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Brooklyn Draught Lager: An amber-gold, dry-hopped lager which is incredibly smooth, refreshing and a versatile partner for many foods, including pizza, steaks, roasts, fish, pork and cheese.

Brewed in the Vienna style, this draught lager displays a firm malt centre supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma.

Alcohol by volume is 5.2%.

So there we have it, a wide selection of craft ales and lagers to complement your meal or just to enjoy on their own.

And that’s before we mention the draught Suffolk Aspall cider and Great Yarmouth’s Lacons ale, plus our extensive range of cocktails.

At the Crown Lodge Hotel and Moorings Restaurant, we really do have something for everyone.

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