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Our Top Ten Gin Combinations

Wisbech Bar & Restaurant. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes the best Gin and Tonic, so we’ve put together a few combinations that you might not have tried before, to take the humble Gin and Tonic to the next level.

Although still as great as ever, it’s time to look beyond the standard gin with a slice of lemon or lime. You’ll be surprised how much the flavour of a Gin and Tonic can change with a simple garnish.

Before diving straight into our recommendations here are some basic rules for flavour combining:

Spiced GinTry orange as it compliments clove and cassia flavours. Gin reacts remarkably well to generous servings of cinnamon. Add a slice of orange and you’re set.

Citrus Gin
Pink grapefruit balances citrus gin out whilst adding a zing to the flavour.

Floral Gin
Orange peel adds freshness without upsetting delicate aromas. To accentuate the flavours in floral gins add lemon thyme.

Herbal Gin
A rosemary stem adds freshness to herbal lead gins whilst a wedge of lime adds a touch of acidity that’s very complimentary.

Each gin should be individually paired with a garnish that lifts or contrasts its dominant botanicals to enhance the overall flavour.

Don’t forget – the tonic water you use also impacts the overall flavour of the drink. We recommend using a top quality tonic like Fever-Tree which is what we use in all our G&Ts.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for the best gin and tonic combinations:

  1. Tanqueray No.10 Gin, paired with mediterranean tonic. Garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit.
  2. Hendricks Gin infused with cucumber and rose petal. Paired with elderflower tonic. Featured on our menu, this is a G&T you have to try.
  3. Martin Miller’s Gin paired with elderflower tonic. Garnished with sliced strawberries and cracked black pepper. Combining the sweetness of strawberries with the spice of pepper works wonders in bringing out the flavours of this gin. Find this winning mix on our new gin menu.
  4. Gin Mare, a herbaceous taste of the Mediterranean with rosemary and basil. Paired with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic. Garnished with rosemary, olive and lemon.
  5. Monkey 47 Gin paired with Indian Tonic. Garnished with orange peel. 47 botanicals make an unrivaled complexity. Crisp with a sweet floral aroma.
  6. Adnams Copper House Gin paired with elderflower tonic. Garnished with orange. This gin is classical charged with juniper, floral and citrus notes.
  7. Brockman’s Gin paired with ginger ale. Garnished with blackberries and orange. Juniper is complimented by unique blueberry and blackberry flavours that deliver a distinctive fruit taste.
  8. Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, made with homegrown, Devon violets for floral appeal. Paired with elderflower tonic and garnished with strawberries.
  9. Portobello Road Gin, a traditional old style London Dry with prominent juniper, big notes of white pepper and hints of red berry. Paired with mediterranean tonic. Garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit.
  10. Opihr Gin paired with ginger ale. Garnished with orange. This gin is strongly spiced with a warmth of black pepper and cubebs.

If these have got you pining for a Gin and Tonic with a twist then why not pay us a visit and try our new Gin Menu?

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